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share-house is where multiple people live together and share one house. They all share the kitchen, living room, bath/shower room.
Your privacy is respected by having individual rooms with locks and postboxes, while at the same time you can enjoy your everyday life having communication with others.

Most of the private rooms at Couverture Share House serves are fully equipped with furniture such as heating and air conditioner, bed and a closet.
The main entrance key uses a "fingerprint identification key" or an "IC card key" to ensure high security.

The kitchen, bath/shower room, toilet, laundry room and living/dining room are shared areas. The kitchen is fully equipped with basic cooking utensils so you can enjoy cooking from the first day of moving in.

A share house also allows you to cut down the intilial cost of moving home.

To choose living in a share house

Coming home and feeling the warmth of others. You can relax in your private room,
or enjoy gathering at the kitchen or living room.
You may be alone, but you are not LONELY
At Share House COUVERTURE, you can take on a new style of independence in central Tokyo with sense of originality.

  • A simple and economic lifestyle

    There is no need of initial cost, furniture or household appliance such as
    rice cooker, refrigerator and vacuum cleaner etc, or even tableware.
    The money you saved can be used as you wish, for hobbies,
    travelling or saving for the future. 
    Living in a share house allows you to have an agile lifestyle,
    prepared for transfers or overseas postings when such opportunities arise.

  • Streamline commuting time

    Share houses also allow you to live in central Tokyo while cutting off the rent
    from the market price. Live close to your work place and commute by bike.
    Avoid the morning commuter rush. With this extra time you can catch up
    on your sleep and enhance your quality time to fulfill your private life.
    Of course you could even decide to stay longer in the office.

  • a trigger to change yourself

    Leaving your parent's house; changing your environment;
    changing your commuting style; living in central Tokyo, taking the opportunity
    to meet people from other industries...
    Choosing to live in a share house – such a small step may be the trigger
    to finding a new side of yourself; it could even lead to a new world.

  • Shared areas for all

    Each of our share houses has a unique character.
    Some have a large size gas oven and a home bakery and other equipment
    that will be great for cooking-lovers.
    Others have a large screen television placed in a spacious living room or
    may have a dining area where everyone can gather and feel as if they were in a café. 
    You may think living by yourself is a little difficult.
    But living in a share house makes such worries melt like lemon drops.

  • Meeting new friend in Japan

    Living with people from other industries is one of the relishes of living in a share house.
    There may come up with some great ideas or hints to your project
    that you had never thought of. A relaxing situation, away from the work,
    could be just what you need for a fresh new idea.

  • A comfortable distance and sense of security

    Unlike a room share, at a share house you can decide how to use the private area
    and the shared area depending on how you feel.
    When you get sick, when hit by a huge earthquake,
    being struck with an emergency situation… not being alone will give you a security,
    and this is one of the advantages of living in a share house.