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  • Couverture Sugamo

    multi gender facility

    A new sharehouse with easy access to 2 stations
    Couverture Sugamo

  • Couverture Sugamo

    multi gender facility

    A new sharehouse with easy access to 2 stations
    Couverture Sugamo

  • Couverture Sugamo

    multi gender facility

    A new sharehouse with easy access to 2 stations
    Couverture Sugamo


Couverture Sugamo 4 minutes from JR Sugamo Station by walk. A new sharehouse with easy access to 2 stations
6 minutes to Ikebukuro by JR, 14 minutes to Shinjuku, and 12 minutes to Otemachi. 
We opened a 26-room house for men and women in Sugamo, which is well located for commuters.
On the first floor, there is a kitchen and a living room, featuring a bathroom exclusive for women.
It’s located in a quiet residential area just back of a shopping town. 
There is a mini super market on the first floor.
Suzamo, a retro Showa town, has a lot of fun spots such as a vaudeville, traditional public baths, gourmet restaurants, and historical sites.
On holidays, why don't you walk around the shopping street of Sugamo Jizo 
and pray for making money at "3 Biggest Edo Yama" and increase your good luck?
It is said that if we touch the hip of "Sugamon" that is the mascot character in Sugamo, we can fall in love.

The fee for clerical work and cleaning for leaving the room is 15,000 yen (depreciated when making a contract).
Chinese is available. You can consult about parking of the motor cycle witu us. 
We would like you to relax in the private space, so we started the monthly rental service of TV (20 inches) DVD recorder.


  • Address
    3,Sugamo Toshima-ku Tokyo
  • Access
    [1] 4 minutes from 「Sugamo」station, JR Yamanote line
    [2] 2 minutes from 「Sugamo」station, A3 exit of Toei-mita line.

Facilities details

  • Number of bed rooms
  • Shared area facilities (kitchen)
    2 main kitchens(2F,3F), 3 Burner IH cooking heater×2, Microwave, Steam oven range, Toaster, refrigerator, Rice cooker, Electronic kettle, Hot water dispenser, Electronic Grille, Bread baking machine, Noodle maker, Blender
  • Shared area facilities (living room)
    2 living rooms(2F,3F), 2 TV's (60 inches), 2 sound speakers, 2 DVD players, 2 Sofa, Dining tables, Individual shelf for each tenant
  • Private room facilities
    Two door refrigerator, air conditioner, bed, opencloset, desk, chairs, curtain, LAN outlet, Coaxial cable outlet for TV.
  • Number of shower stalls
    ×4 (1 for women only)
  • Number of bathrooms
    ×2 (1 for women only )
  • Number of lavatories
    ×4 (toilet seat with bidet functions)
  • Number of washing stands
    ×4 Shampoo dressor
  • Number of laundry machines
    ×6 free
  • Number of drying machines
    ×6 free
  • Number of shared clothes dried
  • Private drying stand for underwear
  • Individual post box
    yes (with lock)
  • Parking lot for bicycles
    Yes 6(500 yen per month)
  • Front door
    The front door lock is IC card key.
  • Type of internet
    Optical fiber:Shared department wi-fi(Private room LAN)
  • No smoking in the house
    No smoking
  • Security camera
  • Notice
    Parking lot for cars(With designated company), 20-inch TV rental (¥800/M), Blue Rey player rental (¥800/M), Cleaning(Shared area)1/week、Security camera, No smoking in the house
  • Initail cost
    (1) Daily rent for the month + Shared maintenance fee
    (2) Deposit 20,000 yen
    (3)Admissions and cleaning fee(upon departure) *armortized at the time of contract
    A: 25,000円(Private room)
    B: 35,000円(Private room with bathroom etc.)
    C: 15,000円(Twin / Triple Room)
    (4)Optional Fire Insurance

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