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  • Couverture Nakno-fujimicho

    Multi gender facility

    Shared facilities such as gym and beauty room are available
    Couverture Nakno-fujimicho

  • Couverture Nakno-fujimicho

    Multi gender facility

    Shared facilities such as gym and beauty room are available
    Couverture Nakno-fujimicho


Couverture Nakno-fujimicho [Renewed in November 2018 Open! It became a house where men and women can move in]
By subway "Shinjuku until 10 minutes" "Ginza to 25 minutes" Access is excellent location.
It is a share house boasting a sunny and relaxing private room with an average of 12m2.
There is a gym which can be used for free, a large living kitchen and a modern Japanese room with a kotatsu.
Beauty room with latest home appliances Facilities that women are happy including fancy nano generator for deodorizing at the entrance are also substantial.

[On the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor is a ladies' private floor with a key]
There is also a reduction fee of 10,000 yen for rent when you handle the cleaner.
It is a chance to live at a convenient place near Shinjuku at a low price!

We are preparing rental 800 yen / month for TV (20 type) DVD, to relax in private space as well.


  • Address
    1, Wada, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
  • Access
    [1]6 minutes walk from Nakno-fujimicho Station (Tokyo metro Marunouchi Honan line)
    [2]12 minutes walk from Higashi-koenji Station(Exit 1) (Tokyo metro Marunouchi line)
    [3]14 minutes walk from Shin nakano Station(Exit 1) (Tokyo metro Marunouchi line)

Facilities details

  • Number of bed rooms
    40(46 bed)
  • Shared area facilities (kitchen)
    Kitchen (2 places), 3 Burner IH cooking heater×3, Steam oven range, refrigerator, Toaster, Rice cooker, Blender, Electronic kettle, Pot
  • Shared area facilities (living room)
    Shared living (2 places), TV×3 ( underground:60 inch / 42 inch, Second floor:42 inch) , DVD player×2, Sofa, Dining table, Individual shelf for each tenant
  • Private room facilities
    Two door refrigerator, air conditioner, bed, desk, chairs, opencloset, curtain
  • Number of shower stalls
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of lavatories
    ×11 With washlette
  • washing stands
  • Number of laundry machines
  • Number of drying machines
  • Number of drying poles
  • Private drying stand for underwear
  • Individual post box
  • Parking lot for bicycles
  • Front door
    The front door lock is IC card key.
  • Type of internet
    Optical fiber
    (Whole building WI-FI)
  • No smoking in the house
    No smoking
  • Security camera
  • Notice
    20-inch TV rental (¥800/M), BD player rental (¥800/M), Cleaning(Shared area)1/week, Front door lock is IC card key, Security camera, No smoking in the house
  • Initial cost
    (1) Daily rent for the month + Shared maintenance fee
    (2) Deposit 20,000 yen
    (3) Admissions and cleaning fee (upon departure) (armortized at the time of contract)
    [A]2,5000 yen (Private room)
    [B]1,5000 yen (Twin / Triple)
    (4) Optional fire insurance
  • Surrounding environment
    Convenience store:
    5 minutes to Seven eleven, 7 minutes to Familymart

    6 minutes to Maruetsu, 6 minutes to Oozeki
    Drug store:
    7 minutes to Welcia (1 minutes from station)

    6 minutes to DAISO[100yen shop] (2 minutes from station)

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