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  • Couverture-petit Shibuya-Sakuragaokacho

    multi gender facility

    2 minute to Shibuya station
    Couverture-petit Shibuya-Sakuragaokacho

  • Couverture-petit Shibuya-Sakuragaokacho

    multi gender facility

    2 minute to Shibuya station
    Couverture-petit Shibuya-Sakuragaokacho


Couverture-petit Shibuya-SakuragaokachoThis share house is great for super-active people who want to enjoy both work and private life 24/7.
A share house with 8 bedrooms available for both genders, and only 2 minute walk from Shibuya station.
You may not even need a refrigerator. A 30 second walk to the convenience store and within 5 minute walk to the “Depachika”, a basement area of a department store where you can buy cooked side dishes (usually connected to train stations), and plenty of restaurants in the area.
You can pop in to bunkamura, PARCO Theater, movie theaters or go to a art museum while taking a walk around Aoyama and Omotesando area. When you want to have a luxury time enveloped with green, the Saigo-Koen, a park famous of TV shots locations, is also nearby.
The best share house for people who wish to fulfill the city life.

The “Couverture-petit Shibuya-Sakuragaokacho” is a sister brand of our share house brand “Couverture”.
“Petit” is French for “cute” or “small”.
The sound “Puchi” has an image of splitting open vigorously. With such image, we opened a multi-gender 8 bed room share house in the stimulating city of Shibuya where you can spend an exciting every-day life.

It is 4th and 5th floor of a small building in the middle of a hill where in spring time and when the cherry trees bloom it is as if you're enveloped by a pink cloud.
Once you open the door of Couverture-petit you will find the secret hide-out you once dreamed of in your childhood.
In spring you can enjoy the cherry blossom from the rooftop.


  • Address
    Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Access
    2 minute walk from Shibuya Station (all lines).

Facilities details

  • Number of bed rooms
  • Shared area facilities (kitchen)
    Three Burner IH cooking heater, Oven rang, Rice cooker, Coffee machine, Electronic kettle, Oven toaster, Refrigerator, Hot water dispenser
  • Shared area facilities (living room)
    32-inch TV, Blue ray
  • Private room facilities
    Heating and air conditioning, Desk, Chair, Closet, LAN outlet outlet, Coaxial cable outlet for TV
  • Number of shower stalls
    ×2 (one female only shower stall)
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of lavatories
    ×2 (toilet seat with bidet functions)
  • Number of washing stands
    ×2 Shampoo dresser
  • Number of laundry machines
  • Number of drying machines
  • Number of drying poles
    ×1 (on roof top)
  • Private drying stand for underwear
  • Individual post box
    yes (with lock)
  • Parking lot for bicycles
  • Front door
    The front door lock is fingerprint authentication.
  • Type of internet
    Optical fiber:Shared department wi-fi(Private room LAN)
  • No smoking in the house
    No smoking
  • Security camera
  • Notice
    20-inch TV rental (¥800/M), Blue Rey player rental (¥800/M), Cleaning(Shared area)1/week, No smoking in the house
  • Initial cost
    (1) Daily rent for the month + Shared maintenance fee
    (2) Deposit 20,000 yen
    (3) Admissions and cleaning fee (upon departure) 15,000 yen (armortized at the time of contract)
    (4)Optional Fire Insurance

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