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Is it possible to sign a contract without a house viewing?
In general, We want you to visit for a house viewing.
I reccomend you to make a contract based on understanding of our facility and equipment in the house.
What is the age range of the tenants.
It differs depending on the share house, but it is between 20s and late 30s.
How much will the initial cost be?

≪Initial cost≫

(1)Pro-rated rent and utilities for the current month

(2)Deposit (35,000 yen, 45,000 yen, or 55,000 yen, which depends on the house you will be moving in)

*25,000 yen will be amortized from the deposit as a cleaning fee when you move out

15,000yen will be amortized from the deposit if you paid 35,000 yen in the initial cost.

(3)Rent for the following month (only when you made a contract after 20th of the month)

What will be included in the shared maintenance fee?
The following will be included:
• Utility cost (electricity, gas and water)
• Consumption Articles (Toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, hand soap and garbage bags, etc.)
• Periodic cleaning fee for the common area.
Do I need a guarantor?
No, you do not need a guarantor, but you will need an emergency contact number in Japan.
Please note that we will make a conformation call to make sure the emergency contact number is valid.
What will I need to bring on the day of contact?
Please bring along the following items.
• A copy if a photo ID
• One item from the following (Please bring the original)
- Driver’s license , Passport , Alien registration card , Residents basic ledger card -
• Name seal (or thumbmark) 
※Alien registration card in needed for foreigner.
Is it possible to keep a room on hold?
No, we cannot hold rooms without charging rent.
Is there a fixed contract period?
Usually, the contract period would be 6 months. (It is possible to recontract.)
If you want to have a short term contract, please contact us.
The minimum period is 3 month.
Are there specific tenant qualifications or an age limits ?
No. There are no restrictions for occupation or income.
With respect to age, there will be a screening process to ensure the community dynamics.
In addition, we will ask all tenants to follow the house rules live with respect for others.
*Smokers can not apply for our share house./dd>
Is it possible to sign the contract on the day of the viewing?
No, it is not possible. Due to a screening process which takes 1-2 buisiness days, You can not move into the house on the day you have the viewing. Please check 'flow' page for further information.
Is it possible to move rooms after move in?

It depends on the house and situation.

-We take priority to the new customers.
-You need to sign the brand new contract. (new deposit, new screening)
-Move aout procedure is neccesary for the previoius room.

Can I hold a workshop at the house?
Please consult with our staff.
We do not accept tenants who move in for commercial matters.
In addition, we may ask tenants to leave if they perform canvass of religious activity or network business.
What are the house rules?
It varies depending on the share house but the typical rules will be:
• no smoking in the house and on its property.
• no male guests allowed (in the case of a female-only facility)
• garbage duty (weekly)
• no pets allowed
Is it allowed for sleep over?
It depends on the house.
Please ask us before you sign up a contract.

*Please notice us in advance by e-mail or phone call if it is allowed to sleep over.

・It is limited 3 times a month and it takes 500 yen per night.
・Guest must be same gender with you.
Is there a curfew?
What equipments do private rooms contain?
Bed, curtain, LAN, table, chair, closet, refrigerator, etc.
The equipments in private rooms vary depending on the share house. Please confirm when you visit the house.
What are available as rental products?
We have WiFi router, TV for personal area, etc.
We are not offering bedding for rent or sale.
Are the share houses fully equipped with dishes and cooking devices?
The share houses do have the basic tableware.
Example of tableware. > dishes (large, medium and small), cutlery, chopsticks, glasses, mugs, etc.

Example of cooking devices > cooking pot, frying pan, rice cooker, toaster, microwave oven, etc.
For more details, please refer to each share house’s facility information.
Will the daily rent be refunded when leaving ?
After the leaving process has been taken (filling in leaving documents, etc.) 
and the room inspection has been completed, any overpaid daily rent will be 
efunded along with the shared maintenance fee into your account.
Is it possible that 2 people live in 1 room?
No, it is not possible.
We only accept 1 person per 1 room.
Can I see the floor plan?
We do not disclose the floor plans openly for a security reason.
Please check it when you have the viewing.

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