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  • Share house Couverture Heiwajima

    Multi gender facility

    Recommended for those who work at Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, Shinbashi!
    Couverture Heiwajima

  • Share house Couverture Heiwajima

    Multi gender facility

    Recommended for those who work at Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, Shinbashi!
    Couverture Heiwajima


Share house Couverture Heiwajima[Recommended for those who work at Haneda Airport, Shinagawa, Shinbashi!]
House Close to Heiwajima Station 15 minutes to Haneda Airport.
From Heiwajima Station, it takes 8 minutes directly to Shinagawa Station.It is excellent for commuting access from Heiwajima Station to Shinbashi in 16 minutes.
From Heiwajima Station 21 minutes to Tokyo Station, 24 minutes to Shibuya Station, 16 minutes to Yokohama Station.
Opened Couverteur Peace Island with 11 rooms for men and women.

Along the way to the house, there are supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores and convenience stores that are convenient for returning from work.It is good to relax in a nearby public bath.

Cooking appliances are plentiful in the bright living kitchen with bay windows.
Please enjoy cooking and socializing with your housemates.

[Men and women can enter-11 private rooms]
We have TV (20 inches) and DVD rental.
Our share house
We operate as a policy providing "safety" "clean" "high quality low price".


  • Address
    Omori Nishi 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Access
    [1] 8 minutes walk from Heiwajima Station.(Keikyu Main Line)
    [2] 8 minutes walk from Oomorimachi Station Station.(Keikyu Main Line)

Facilities details

  • Number of bed rooms
    11 rooms
  • Shared area facilities
    3 Burner IH cooking heater×1, Mini kitchen, Steam oven range×1, Microwave×2, Toaster×1, Rice cooker×2, Electric kettle×1, Hot plate×1, Vacuume cleaner×3, Iron×1, Electronic fan×1
  • Shared area facilities
    (living room)
    TV(55inch), BR player×1, Sofa, Dining table
  • Private room facilities
    Two door refrigerator, air conditioner, bed, desk, chairs, closet, curtain, indoor clothes drying pole, LAN
  • Number of shower stalls
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of lavatories
    ×2(All with washlet)
  • Number of washing stands
  • Number of laundry machines
  • Number of drying machines
  • Number of drying poles
  • Private drying stand for underwear
  • Individual post box
  • Parking lot for bicycles
    yes(Off site) free of charge
  • Parking Lot
  • Type of internet
    Optical fiber
    (Whole building WI-FI)
  • No smoking in the house
    No smoking
  • Security camera
  • Notice
    20-inch TV rental (¥800/M), BD player rental (¥800/M), Cleaning(Shared area)1/week, Duty system to throw away trash(Group system-about once every 5 weeks), IC card key, Security camera, Whole building WI-FI、No smoking in the house, Bicycle parking lot free, Guest accommodation OK (500 yen per night)
  • Initail cost
    (1) Daily rent for the month + Shared maintenance fee
    (2) Deposit 20,000 yen
    (3)Admissions and cleaning fee(upon departure) *armortized at the time of contract
    A: 25,000円(Private room)
    B: 35,000円(Private room with bathroom etc.)
    C: 15,000円(Twin / Triple Room)
    (4)Optional Fire Insurance
  • Surrounding environment
    Convenience store:
    5 minutes to Seven eleven, 3 minutes to Familymart, 5 minutes to Ministop
    Several super market is available within 5-9 minutes.
    Drug store:
    Several super market is available within 3-9 minutes.
    5 minutes to a Post office, 14 minutes to a Library, 9 minutes to a Cando 100 yen shop, 3 minutes to a Omori Nishi Special Office (Government Office), 3 minutes to a Public bath, 7 minutes to a Sports gym.

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