※ The initial cost depends on the contract with decided cases

  • Step 1 Check room availability/ Make appointment to previous room

    Please contact Couverture by phone or email to make a reservation for room preview.

    ■Inquiry/ Reservation information by phone
    FOR.C Co., Ltd.
    Share House Division TEL : +81(0)3-6903-4630

    ■Inquiry/ Reservation information by e-mail

  • Step 2 Preview room (House visit)

    Staff will meet you at the nearest station.

    □ note
    We ask all occupants to pay a visit to the site before making a contract in order to make sure you agree and understand the atmosphere, facility and rules of the share house.
    ※ Please consult with our staff if you are unable to preview the share house due to reasons such as applying from overseas or from a distance.

    Please bring a copy of a photo ID if you wish to apply for a room on the day of the preview.

  • Step3 Apply for the room

    There will be a quick review on eligibility. (The reviewing process will take 1-2days)
    Please bring a copy of a photo ID when applying for a room. (Any item from below)

    • Drivers license • Passport
    • Alien registration card

    «flow of tenant application»

    • fill in the tenant application form
    • hand in a copy of a photo ID
    ※ please bring the original photo ID as well.

    ★ note ★
    We are unable hold rooms (reserve a room without charging rent) at any situation.
    Rooms are provided at a first come first serve basis and priority will be given to tenants.

    In the case that multiple people apply for the same room, priority will be given to the applicant that has chosen the earliest contract date.
    ※ In the case that the contact date also overlaps, it will be decided by a draw.

  • Step 4 Undergo review (1-2days)

    We will contact you with the result.

  • Step 5 Reserve a contract day

    After the review, the actual signing of the contract will take place at the share house site.
    You may move in on the same day of you sign the contract.
    Detailed explanation of the facility and administrative matters such as fingerprint registration, may take a few hours. Please allow 2 hours for the whole process.

  • Step 6 Pay initial cost

    Payment of the initial cost must be completed by the specified date or before the contract comes into force.

    « initial cost »
    [ pattern.1 ] When the contract is made before the 20th of the month.
    (1) Pro-rated rent for the current month (including shared maintenance fee)
    (2) Deposit of 35,000yen
    ※ 15,000yen will be amortized from the deposit as administration fee and cleaning costs after you move out

    [ pattern.2 ] When the contract is made after the 20th of the month.
    (1) Pro-rated rent for the current month (including shared maintenance fee)
    (2) Deposit 35,000yen
    ※ 15,000yen will be amortized from the deposit as administration fee and cleaning costs after you move out
    (3) Rent for the following month. (including shared maintenance fee)

    EX. The initial cost

    ※ Payment must be made through bank transfer.

    ★ note ★
    Rent will incur from the day of the contract.

  • Step 7 Sign the contract (contract may be signed on the move in day)

    « items needed for the contract »
    • Name seal(or thumbmark)

    « flow of signing the contract »
    1. Fill in the contract form and sign (stamp your name seal)
    2. Confirm emergency contact number (must be in Japan)
    3. Receive keys.
    4. Receive orientation on house rules.
    5. Take a tour of the facility.

    ★ Contract period ★ The minimum contract period is one month and the maximum contract period is six months.
    Please follow re-signing procedure if you wish to stay for a longer period.
    ※ There will be no charge for the re-signing procedure fee.

  • Step 8 Move in

    Tenants who have already completed the contract procedures may move in at any time they wish on the move-in day.

    Welcome to the couverture !
    We hope you enjoy the share house life.



Ex. In case of requisition has been sent on 10th of August, The contract will be expired on 9th of September.

  • Step 1 Give notice of your leaving day.

    Please inform the couverture staff of the date that you will be leaving, with a one month notice, in either of the method described below.

    example » If leaving on December 31st, inform by November 30th.

    □ Contact by phone.
    FOR.C Co., Ltd.
    Share House Division TEL : +81(0)3-6903-4630

    □ Inquiry by e-mail
    Inquiry by e-mail

  • Step 2 Reserve date for room inspection and key return

    After you have informed us of your departure, we will send you a package of paperwork related to your departure.
    Please fill in the documents and send the package back within 3 days.

    Our staff will visit you at the share house in order to check the room condition and to receive your keys.
    This should be on the actual day you are moving out. Please inform our staff the date and make a reservation.

  • Step 3 Move out

    Please remove all your belongings and clean the room before leaving the share house.
    • Staff will check the room and furniture condition and make sure there is nothing left behind.
    • Please return the keys to our staff.

    ※ Mail transfer procedure
    Please make sure you arrange for your mail to be transferred to your new address.

  • Step 4 Refund of deposit and any over-paid rent

    At the room inspection, our staff will check if there is any damage to the room and furniture.
    If there is no damage, 20,000yen of the deposit will be refunded to your account.

    In the case of where there is any overpaid rent, this will be refunded to your account along with the deposit.

    Thank you very much staying at Couverture.
    We hope to have the opportunity to meet again...